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Frequently Asked Questions What is the OwnEZ Financing Program? Simply put, the OwnEZ- BuyhouseEZ Financing Program matches private Investors with pre-qualified Home Buyers looking for financing for qualified move-in ready homes.  The Program is designed for Home Buyers who have money for a down payment (minimum 10%) and the financial ability to afford a monthly house payment […]


OwnEz Markets OwnEZ currently operates in Texas and Indiana. Our work covers some of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the country that feature great neighborhoods and fantastic options for program expansion. Within these states, we focus on hand-selected markets that provide great value for investors and buyers alike. Stay in touch as we are […]

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We will be happy to assist Fill the Contact Form To Find Out More call to find your next home Contact Us Directly For More Information OwnEZ™, Inc HQ and Indiana Office 1-888-55-OWNEZ 1-888-556-9639 INFO@OWNEZ.COM 3905 VINCENNES RD, STE 303 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 Texas Office 21750 HARDY OAK BLVD, STE 102, SAN ANTONIO TX 78258 […]


Welcome to A New Path to Homeownership Removing the barriers to the American Dream Learn More We use Technology to Turn Renters into Homeowners For many people, owning a home and building a legacy is a life goal, but sadly they are shut out of the traditional banking/mortgage system. We make homeownership possible by leveraging […]

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We make owning a home as EZ as it should be With OwnEZ, investors can diversify and increase their portfolios with a predictable ROI. The Problem Barriers to homeownership Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets in the country. Yet, the market is needlessly exclusive. It has become increasingly more difficult for the […]

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Our Mission to create an easy and empowering path to home buying We Know The Industry Over 80 years of combined real estate experience keeping the american dream alive Buying a home shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, all too often, hardworking families face confusion, intimidation, and obstacles when it comes to buying a home. Factors such […]

Properties Search Results

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