Borrower’s Success Stories

“As a realtor and a beneficiary of the BuyHouseEZ® program, my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Initially, I approached BuyHouseEZ® as a customer, during a time when traditional mortgage options were beyond my reach. The process was impressively straightforward — from document submission to underwriting. The moment BuyHouseEZ® says you are approved, you really are approved, which removes any uncertainty about acquiring your dream home. The BuyHouseEZ® team is remarkably communicative and efficient, making the application process seamless and stress-free. Their support didn’t just end at providing a loan; they were there to answer every question I had, even at the closing table, which truly set them apart in terms of customer service. As a realtor, using BuyHouseEZ® has allowed me to help others navigate their home buying journeys. The program is not just about facilitating home purchases; it’s about building trust and offering a lifeline to those who find the traditional mortgage process daunting. The ability to close on a house within just 12 to 14 days is a testament to how streamlined and effective BuyHouseEZ® is. The satisfaction I feel, both personally and professionally, from helping clients step into their homes, and knowing I have played a role in their happiness, is indescribable. I am deeply grateful for BuyHouseEZ’s role in my career and personal life, and I proudly recommend their services to anyone looking for an alternative yet reliable path to homeownership. Their commitment to making homeownership accessible and uncomplicated aligns perfectly with my professional goals and personal values.” .- Renae Warren

“I would strongly recommend this company to anyone. Teresa and Ricardo and the team made this process very understandable and easier than I thought. We are finally not paying someone else’s mortgage by renting we are paying our own. If you are struggling working with a bank for a mortgage give them a call they will do everything in their power to make your dreams of homeownership come true without giving you the runaround. They all deserve a five star rating!!!” .– Eric Navarro