Empower Your Portfolio with OwnEZ Fund Management

Dive into the future of real estate investment with OwnEZ®’s fund, where cutting-edge FinTech meets the stability of owner-occupied, single-family residential real estate. Our latest OwnEZ® Fund is not just an investment; it’s a partnership in making a tangible impact on lives and communities across the United States.

Why Invest in OwnEZ’s Fund?

Our vision is to provide investors with predictable cash flow, expand their real estate investment opportunities and deliver attractive returns on their investments, while enabling homebuyers to cultivate stability and achieve long-term financial prosperity.

High Impact, High Return

Each investment is backed by a robust portfolio of first-lien residential properties, offering a blend of security and profitability that's hard to find elsewhere.

Diversify with Confidence

Spread your investment across hundreds of loans. OwnEZ's proprietary technology underwriting algorithm ensures that your investment is as sound as it is meaningful.

Technological Advantage

Our platform is at the forefront of real estate FinTech, providing transparent, streamlined transactions and real-time insights into your investment's performance. OwnEZ's enhanced reporting system offers unparalleled oversight and peace of mind.

Community Impact

By investing in OwnEZ’s fund, you're not just growing your portfolio; you're helping credit invisible families across the Midwest and Southern United States achieve the dream of homeownership. These are real people with real stories of success, thanks to our investors' belief in a better way to finance homes.

Discover how OwnEZ Fund is making a difference, one home, one family at a time. Invest with us, and let’s build a legacy of impact and returns that resonate well into the future.

Investor’s Success Stories

“We are very happy with our investment in OwnEZ®. First and foremost, we put many efforts to invest in the “right people” – and the OwnEZ® team has proven itself to be of the highest quality one can find. Moreover, we are receiving a higher than market-standard return on our investment, for several years now. But more importantly, the return is solid and steady throughout these years, years in which interest rates have risen significantly and market conditions have been very volatile. This is a unique advantage that an investment in OwnEZ® presents.

OwnEZ® has grown significantly during the years of our investment and has reached the goals it has set for itself. We look forward to continue growing and conquering new goals together.”.- AS Family US RE LP



“It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for OwnEZ Fund Management and its management team.

I am the owner of a family office operation based in Israel, managing the wealth of high-net-worth individuals from Israel, the UK, and Europe.

I was introduced to OwnEZ Fund Management and Ossif Tamir, its managing partner, at the beginning of 2020 by one of my clients.

At first, I was skeptical: a relatively small fund investing in what seemed to be risky assets. In my line of work, I am introduced to a few funds every month. Of course, all of these funds promise future yields, but once you delve into the details, most of them fail to make sense in terms of risk versus reward and do not pass due diligence.

In the case of OwnEZ, the diligence process was completely different. I met highly talented professionals who brought their extensive experience in direct real estate investment to create a unique alternative investment fund.

By leveraging technology, they achieved a competitive advantage in the industry, generating high yields at significantly lower risk per asset.

Since I am responsible for other people’s money, it took me more than a year to complete the due diligence process. Throughout this period, I communicated with the team and received answers to every question I asked, along with comprehensive information about the industry, macro assumptions, stress tests, and more.

Today, I am proud to say that the fund is a core investment in my portfolio.” Yuval Schwarz – SCH-Investments