Blockchain Technology

Our Investors portal and Investors Management Dashboard are designed to securely manage and empower our investors. Leveraging blockchain technology, our system ensures full transparency and security for our investors, their funds and their dividends. Our intuitive interface allows our investors to effortlessly increase or reduce investments, providing complete control at their fingertips. Experience a seamless, end-to-end automated process that guarantees trust and efficiency.

A software platform that helps us transform chronic renters into proud homeowners.

Our flagship innovation, KeyEZ™, employs proprietary algorithms to thoroughly screen potential home buyers. By leveraging advanced technology, we streamline the home buying process, making it smoother and more efficient for both buyers and sellers. This advanced algorithm simplifies the identification of qualified individuals, ensuring secure and reliable transactions in the marketplace.

Automated Underwriting

Our automated underwriting system, developed with a series of advanced algorithms, delivers consistent and unbiased evaluations, centralizing the entire process for streamlined handling. With a multilingual approach and data-driven credit scoring, assessments are both accurate and fair. The platform facilitates comprehensive background and financial checks, ensuring a thorough and impartial system. This integration of technology and precision enhances reliability and trust in every evaluation.

Digital Analytics

Leverage the power of data with our advanced digital analytics system. Our robust platform tracks all major KPIs, providing actionable insights that help identify lending disparities and optimize practices. Empower your teams to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness. Transform our operations with precision and clarity through a comprehensive analytics framework.