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For many people, owning a home and building a legacy is a life goal, but sadly they are shut out of the traditional banking/mortgage system. We make homeownership possible by leveraging technology to offer a simple, transparent alternative path.

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It’s Time to Make Home Buying More Accessible

There are plenty of hardworking American families who have the means to own a home. However, credit scores, complicated banking structures and antiquated requirements can make it difficult for a large segment of people, even though they can afford both a down payment, as well as monthly payments on a loan. Homeownership shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we help families build a legacy, accumulate wealth, and have a place to truly call home.

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OwnEZ Leverages technology to help create a path for People to own their home

OwnEz is a tech based homeowner’s loan lending platform that analyzes soon-to-be homeowners and assesses risk differently. We help people build a legacy, generate wealth, and provide security for their families. Through our BuyhouseEZ lending programs, we remove the traditional barriers to homeownership for hardworking families who can afford a house, but who do not have access to conventional lending.

We let our customers choose their next home and help set them on a clear path to own it.

We Use AI and Technology to Optimize and Simplify the Process

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Why OwnEZ

Where Financing meets Flexibility

Through OwnEZ’s BuyhouseEZ programs, we help long-term renters become lifelong home owners.

  • We assess risk differently
  • We provide funding for any qualified property our client chooses through the BuyhouseEZ lending programs
  • We offer several payment plans and terms
  • We help our customers own their forever homes
  • Our technology and approach helps you through the journey of homeownership