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OwnEZ™ is a web-based peer to peer lending platform that matches prospective home buyers with investors that are interested in investing in real estate without the headaches of being a landlord. We have a pool of home buyers that currently rent, have a down payment and the financial ability to make a monthly house payment for home ownership, but for one reason or another, are shut out of the traditional mortgage market. As an investor, we enable you to review these prospects and select a deal you would like to finance, generating monthly income backed by real-estate. Our number one goal is to make owning real estate “E-Z”, profitable, and hassle-free for you.


Once you’ve selected the deal you would like to finance, OwnEZ will guide you step by step through the process of closing the transaction. With OwnEZ, you’re earning a much more predictable cash flow and ROI because you’re not dealing with the same vacancy and maintenance concerns a typical rental property investor faces. That means more monthly net income in your pocket!

Did you know almost 60% of people that consider themselves investors would invest in single family rentals if they didn’t have to be a LANDLORD?*

Let’s face it, being a landlord has a negative stigma. Owning rentals is alluring because of the passive monthly income you receive after a one time investment. But the reality is that the amount of cash flow and ROI that you see on paper rarely comes to fruition after considering vacancy and the time it takes to lease or re-lease your rental; maintenance expenses (which are totally unpredictable); and property management fees. So with all those unknowns, what you thought was a “one time investment” can lead to an eroding return on investment.

With OwnEZ™, we want to show you a better way. OwnEZ makes investing easy by providing you properties with predictable income and built in equity without landlord hassles.

*Source: NMHC tabulations of 2014 American Community Survey microdata. Updated 9/2015.

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About OwnEz

OwnEZ™ is a peer to peer real estate lending platform built by individuals who are real estate investors themselves – we truly want to provide you with a one of a kind investing experience. With OwnEZ™ you receive a predictable, competitive, hassle -free return on your investment while also making an impact on local communities by offering homes to prospective home buyers that have the financial ability and a down payment to buy a home but lack the credit or other qualifications that would enable them to receive traditional bank financing. Our goal is to make investing and owning real estate profitable and “E-Z” for you.