Our Mission

to create an easy and empowering path to home buying

We Know The Industry

Over 80 years of combined real estate experience

Our Technology

OwnEZ is at the forefront of revolutionizing the real estate industry with our innovative technology solutions. 

KeyEZ™ – A software platform that helps us transform chronic renters into proud homeowners.

Our flagship innovation, KeyEZ™, employs proprietary algorithms to thoroughly screen potential home buyers. By leveraging advanced technology, we streamline the home buying process, making it smoother and more efficient for both buyers and sellers. This advanced algorithm simplifies the identification of qualified individuals, ensuring secure and reliable transactions in the marketplace.

From The People To the People™ – Transforming Debt

At OwnEZ we are a firm believer in the concept of “From The People To The People”™, where we are also pioneering the securitization and tokenization of debt. This groundbreaking approach transforms traditional debt into digital tokens, providing transparent and accessible investment opportunities on our secure blockchain platform to the masses, and giving easy digital access to collateralized debt.

At OwnEZ, we’re a firm believer that technology can help reshape the future of real estate, making it more accessible, secure, and efficient.

keeping the american dream alive

Buying a home shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, all too often, hardworking families face confusion, intimidation, and obstacles when it comes to buying a home. Factors such as credit scores, lending obstacles, and more needlessly prevent families from homeownership even though they can afford it. 

OwnEZ keeps the American dream alive. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers are in a position to build equity, save money, and have a place to call home for generations to come.

Get To Know Us

Meet Our Dynamic Team
Get To Know Us Experts in real estate and homeownership



Eric is a Chief Executive Officer of Bolt Solutions Inc., which he co-founded in 2000 with Ari Katz. Ten years after starting the company, Eric and Bolt Solutions became part of the Actua team. Prior to Bolt, Eric was co-CEO and co-founder of Shadow Computers Ltd., a successful insurance software development company.



After years of leading public companies traded both in the U.S. and in Israel, Efri Argaman decided to follow his passion and make his hobby a profession. Combining his education in economics and his skills as a CPA, Efri has been actively investing in the U.S. residential real estate market since 2009.



Teresa has extensive background in the mortgage industry that goes back over 20 years. She has helped many families get homes when they thought it was impossible.

Together with the resources of  OwnEZ team getting a new home is only an application away.

Ossif Tamir (Ph.D.)

Head of OFM

Ossif has over 15 years of experience in managing direct investments for high net wealth families. Prior to founding OTH Global he served as the CEO of the Salant Group, initiating its direct investments arm in real estate and High Tech firms. Ossif holds a Ph.D. cum laude from University Autonoma de Barcelona, researching venture capital investments in high technology entrepreneurial firms.



Cristina Ortiz with over 10 years of sales experience is a trailblazer in the fintech industry, known for her innovative experiments that have reshaped the way we interact with finances. Her passion for educating people about financial literacy and homeownership has been the driving force behind her initiatives. Through her fintech experiments, she has simplified complex financial processes, making them accessible to a wider audience. Alongside her technological innovations, Cristina tirelessly advocates for empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about their finances and achieve their dreams of homeownership.