We make owning a home as EZ as it should be

With OwnEZ, investors can diversify and increase their portfolios with a predictable ROI.

The Problem

Barriers to homeownership

Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets in the country. Yet, the market is needlessly exclusive. It has become increasingly more difficult for the average American family to buy a home, even when they can afford a down payment. Credit scores and other obstacles often prohibit capable homeowners who should otherwise be able to own a home.

Our Solution

turning the american dream into a reality

By matching qualified homeowners to investors, using proprietary algorithms. OwnEZ creates a mutually beneficial experience for everybody. Our process is:

  • Transparent 
  • Flexible in pricing options
  • Tailored to fit our customers’ needs

Our Process

No complications. No hidden costs. No obstacles. It’s that EZ.

1. We prequalify buyers through our proprietary algorithm

2. Buyers select the property they would like to own

3. We qualify the property to ensure it’s a fit

4. Match buyer with an investor

5. OwnEZ assists buyers throughout the home buying experience

Who we help

We Want Our Customers To Become Successful Homeowners​

Through our BuyhouseEZ lending programs, we help potential homeowners who can afford a down payment on a home but who do not have access to traditional lending capabilities. From approval to close, OwnEZ guides new homeowners through the process, providing resources on everything from obtaining insurance to warranties. 

  • Hardworking Families and Couples across the U.S.
  • Renters with at least 2 years of verifiable rental history

The specifics

We believe owning or investing in real estate should be transparent and empowering. That’s why we map out all of the details ahead of time so buyers and investors know exactly what they’re getting. OwnEZ treats every potential homeowner differently. We assess risk differently per case using our proprietary prequalifying algorithms, and equally important we are accessible throughout the process.

We believe homeownership brings freedom, empowerment, and autonomy

Together, we’ll help you get there!