What is OwnEZ and How Do YOU Make Money?

OwnEZ™ is a web-based marketplace lending platform focused on Single Family Real Estate. It’s a peer to peer lending platform that matches prospective home buyers, who can afford payments but cannot obtain a bank loan, with investors who are interested in returns backed by real estate without being landlords.

All buyers are pre-qualified by a licensed specialist and, once pre-qualified, they can select the property that they would like to own.  Once Identified, every property is inspected by a  licensed inspector and has to be move-in ready in order to qualify for the program. (Both the buyer and property go through a qualification process.)

As an investor, you select the buyer you would like to fund. The property is then purchased with cash and a deed provided to you, the investor. A markup of 20% is then added to the property’s original purchase price and sold to the buyer, usually that same day, through a land contract, ensuring that you the investor have both a portion of the anticipated increase in property value captured as well as a significant amount of collateral as the deed holder of the property. The buyer provides a 10% down payment and the balance owed is amortized and paid over 12 years, bears 8% interest and secured by the property. The deed remains in the investor’s name through the life of the loan and is transferred to the buyer only after full repayment of the loan.

With OwnEZ you enjoy cash-flow similar to owning a rental property but without having the headaches of being a landlord !!!

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There’s a REAL Problem in the Real Estate Market…

There are several challenges currently faced by real estate investors, home buyers, and providers of investment properties:

Problems for home buyers (specifically people unable to access conventional financing)

  • Exorbitant interest rates for non-conventional financing (hard money/private money)
  • Rising rents and paying rent on a monthly basis with nothing to show for it (no equity)
  • Limited inventory of owner financed homes from which to select

Problems for real estate investors (specifically investors who buy and hold properties for monthly cash flow)

  • Unpredictability of ROI for rental properties due to vacancy and maintenance costs
  • Determining an exit strategy and timing
  • Uncertain appreciation
  • Becoming a “burnt out landlord” and dealing with tenants
  • Ongoing property management and maintenance
  • Challenges to invest in your local market due to high property costs vs rents that don’t justify the ROI
  • Fear of investing remotely, especially international investors, due to lack of reliable vendors to assist with the investing process

So, What’s the Solution?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

OwnEZ™ provides a single platform with multiple solutions for real estate investors, prospective home buyers, and turnkey property providers. The outcome is a peer to peer mortgage lending platform that provides investors with real estate secured investments, and provides prospective home buyers with a supply of owner financed properties offered at reasonable terms.

Real estate investors’ solutions

  • You as the investor purchase properties that have a predictable ROI. This is because the occupants of the your properties are “home buyers” instead of “traditional renters.” This eliminates your responsibility for ongoing property maintenance and eliminates vacancy. The home buyer also provides initial money down so they’re much more invested than a traditional renter.
  • The appreciation and timing of the exit (sale of the home to the home buyer) are predetermined. Therefore, when you purchase a property, you already know the future date that the home buyer will pay off the home and how much equity you’ll receive upon the sale.
  • You can invest hassle-free, no matter where you live in the world since the entire purchasing process and ongoing support is managed by OwnEZ™.
  • You basically operate in the same capacity as your local bank that provides mortgages. Your bank doesn’t take maintenance calls and they receive mortgage payment like clockwork every month. We want you to have that same, hassle-free experience.

Home buyers’ (borrowers’) solutions

  • Home buyers have a marketplace of homes to choose from on the OwnEZ™ platform based on their desired criteria and affordability. They can also be pre-qualified for a home, hassle free, by completing an application on the platform.
  • Home buyers are now put in a position to achieve the American dream of owning a home, even if they don’t qualify for financing through more stringent traditional means, since they will be utilizing seller financing provided by real estate investors.
  • The home buyer has the peace of mind that in a pre-determined number of years she will own a home, debt free.
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